Baby Fever Sweeps The Nation!

We interupt your interneting to bring you this important announcement!

Baby Fever rumoured to be more contagious than swine flu!

We do hope that this brand new blog finds you well and without any traces of the dreaded piggy virus.  In order to obliterate any nasty germs we have been investigating the antiseptic properties of alcohol, with experiments thus far featuring martini, port and the good old Russian stuff.

Results have been inconclusive and further studies must be carried out.

Last time we spoke you may remember we had danced at Cafe Vaudeville’s 4th Birthday.  Well, blonde bombshell Katrina of did a wonderful review of the night, featuring a beautiful shot of us taken by the endlessly talented (and well-heeled might we add) Stephanie Williamson.  Clickety-click on the photo below to have a nosey.


August is jam-packed with party bookings and we just can’t wait to meet you girls.  We’ve been working up several different party routines and whether you’re look for something elegant to cheer up your pal or something downright naughty to send your hen friend off out of singledom with a bang, we’re sure we can sort you out!

And there’s gig news!  We will be performing a number of routines at vintage fair “Frock Around The Clock” on Sunday 13th September in the Holiday Inn on Ormeau Avenue.  Stay tuned for more info on what you can expect from both the Babies and organiser/vintage vixen Becky Moore (

Finally before we go wee, wee, wee, wee all the way to the off-licence we would like to wish all the very best of luck to Clare Afshar of Vintage Rocks who this Saturday opens her very own retro hair salon in Belfast! For further information check her out here:

Love you long time!


Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Ladies & Gentlemen!

Welcome to the beautiful, brand new website of the Whistle Bait Babies!

As you join us on our big adventure we will do our very best to keep you abreast of all our news.  There will be shows!  There will be parties!  There will be new friends made! And hopefully there will be cake!! Mmmmm cake…


Along the way we hope to acquire an arch-nemesis and perhaps some new shoes – just to keep things exciting.

So what have we been up to of late?  As well as touring with the Polercise show “Ame du Pole” across Belfast, Dundalk and Derry, a lovely party-organising lady called Angela Warren and her pals at Cafe Vaudeville hired us to dance at their 4th birthday party which was fabulous. A top bird called Gemma Garrett gave us a write-up in the Sunday Life Showbiz pages shortly afterwards and our mummies were delighted and bought many copies.


Bookings have been coming in thick and fast from little birdies wanting to learn our art and we’ve been the hostesses with the mostess, teaching hens and birthday girls how to party like pin-ups.  So great has been the demand that we are undertaking a roadtrip to Derry where on the 22nd August we will be holding a Burlesque Masterclass.  If you’re interested in coming along or would like to party with the Babies, contact us.

It’s hard to believe we weren’t doing this last year – our diary is starting to rival Paris Hilton’s (maybe our bank accounts will catch up with her’s at some point too).  We’d like to say thanks to Scotty Edgar (deadonmusic web designery person and indie muppet), Nykkol Philips (delicious brandisher of Illamasqua goods), Steven Quinn (snapper of snaps and air-brusher of bakes) and El Fegan (all round hottie and Polercise goddess) for helping us well on our way.

That’s all for now dreamboats!