We Ain’t No Desperate Housewives!

Do your own dishes mister – we got dancing to get done!

We’d like to thank each and every wonderful lady who popped along and made the 3 nights of our Valentine’s Workshops such utterly brilliant craic.  You all looked amazing (and special) in your pinnies. Congrats also to all those who braved the “big finish”! Well done!

We will soon be gettin stuck in to training camp to find more Babies for our troupe and it is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT so please stop harrassing me! Only kidding, drop me an email at whistlebaitbabies@live.co.uk and I’ll add you to our mailing list so you can get news on all our next run of classes and events.  Alternatively find us on facebook and twitter for ultimate LOLZ.

Ta ta for now!


Babies In Training!

80 jiggling bosoms, 400 twinkly toes…

And 2 very happy teachers!

Well, our first Belfast workshops are over and what a rip roaring success they were! Almost 40 lovely ladies joined us across the day to shake their thang and we had a glorious time feeding them sweeties and pink lemonade.  Here are a few of our afternoon crew who wanted to get their mugs on our website!

burlesque workshop

Honey and I would like to thank everyone who came – you were great craic and everyone really brought their own style to the routine.  Feel free to leave us some feedback or drop us an email – we’d love to hear what you thought.
Hope you’ll come back and see us again soon for our Christmas workshop which will no doubt entail mince pies, silly musical numbers and even sillier props…
La la love you!
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