The Story So Far

Once upon a time there were two very lovely, very different little girls who loved to dance.

Following a chance encounter with a very beautiful, very bossy lady they were persuaded that perhaps they should shake their money makers on a great big (okay, fairly size-restricted) stage.

Having enjoyed their little foray into show business and being savvy senoritas, they got to thinking.

“Why shouldn’t the modern chicky punctuate her busy career gal lifestyle with a little bit of glitz and glamour?” they mused.

“What if we could teach other lovely girls to make the most of their wonderful asse(t)s and show them how to peel and tease so that they might have wonderful times with their true blue friends?” they pondered.

After several bouts of meditation and cogitation they decided to take action.

And thus the Whistle Bait Babies were born.