Could you be the next Whistle Bait Baby?


Ladies of Northern Ireland!  We are recruiting! Not only are we recruiting, we are training new recruits with brand spanking new weekly classes starting 27th February!!

Since the inception of the Babies it has been our dream to perform with a troupe of like-minded girls, putting on wonderful shows and having marvellous adventures.

2010 is the year we make that happen.

We have met so many girls at our workshops and at our shows who have expressed such excitement and passion in learning about burlesque that we would like to present to you the opportunity to come and join us, whether to simply learn for yourself or to potentially become a Baby.

We will be running classes for 4 weeks for £7 per class/£20 for the course (to cover props, insurance, etc.) during which you will learn how to move, act and dance like a showgirl, culminating in a full burlesque troupe routine.

At the end of the four weeks, we will be looking for girls to join us. And also assessing whether to continue lessons for those who want to learn for exercise/fun/social reasons.

Email us now to register your interest:

We’re counting on you ladies…



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